We all know people who expense things that are questionable. A “business trip” to the beach, a dinner out with friends, office supplies for the kids’ school projects. But there are people out there whose expense claims get a lot more creative than that.

Bloomberg Businessweek just published a list of the top 10 craziest things employees tried to expense last year:

  1. Goat. Why would employees at an energy supply firm need a goat? Yeah, we’re asking ourselves the same thing.
  2. Body oil. Apparently someone is the retail industry moonlights as a bodybuilder.
  3. Deer urine. The employee of an agricultural products company explained that it was part of their successful hunting trip with a client.
  4. Baby giraffe. Doesn’t everyone need a baby giraffe for the office party?
  5. Live baby octopuses. The pharmaceutical company employee responsible for this one claimed that a Japanese visitor wanted sushi.
  6. Dunk tank. An auto parts supplier claimed they needed it to boost morale.
  7. Pink flamingo lawn ornaments. You read that right. The employee of a medical device manufacturer needed four.
  8. Laser tattoo removal. Submitted by an IT industry worker who noted on the expense form that the reason was to ”appear more professional to clients.”
  9. $1,300 for Henry IV Cognac. This one was from a financial services company employee.
  10. A trip for a job interview. Really? Yes, really. The person hated his telecom/ISP job and figured his company should pay the cost for seeking a new employer.