With so much of our personal and business lives online now, online privacy and security are a constant concern. More and more companies are moving their data to the Cloud, because it makes better financial sense. And with that move comes greater security concerns, although today’s cybersecurity companies who are dedicated to preventing cyber attacks often make the Cloud a more secure option than local servers.

And the cybersecurity industry is growing. CNN Money reported recently that venture capital firms are expected to dedicate $788 million to early-stage cybersecurity startups this year, an increase of 74% over last year’s $452 billion. 

These companies are protecting everything from servers to laptops to mobile phones. As we store more important data on our devices, we need more security to ensure that data isn’t compromised. 

That’s where these cybersecurity startups come in. Large companies dependent on technology are looking to small companies who are innovating around the rapidly-changing technology field to develop solutions to keep data secure. It’s an industry that is wide open with opportunities, and one that VCs are anxious to invest in.