Because of the international hacking scheme that exploited the South Carolina Department of Revenue’s database, many people are questioning the safety of e-filing. The process of e-filing itself is more secure than paper filing, and once taxpayers’ data is processed, it’s also stored in electronic databases.

When you file electronically, your data is processed through secure, encrypted channels allowing for minimum handling and access. Paper filing, however, passes through multiple people as it travels to its final destination. Electronic filing also eliminates errors due to mistyped information or transposed numbers.

Another benefit of filing electronically is fast processing. The IRS has stated that the filing of false returns from identity thieves has been on the rise. Filing early puts your return into the system before a false return has a chance to be filed.

Although there are certainly measures the South Carolina Department of Revenue needed to take to secure its data systems more thoroughly, e-filing remains the safest filing option.