If you’re set up as an LLC being taxed as an S corp, it’s logical to think that you could get coverage through the new Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP). But SHOP is group coverage intended for businesses who have other employees, and you’re still viewed as the owner. Also, those other employees must be true employees who receive a W-2, not freelancers or contractors. 

However, that means that you’re considered self-employed, which opens up the opportunity for marketplace coverage. (Find your marketplace on this website.) As long as you’re a US citizen, meet residency requirements, and aren’t in prison, you’re eligible. 

And, as an article on Bloomberg Businessweek points out, “Insurance companies can’t [charge you more] based on pre-existing health conditions. They can’t rate you based on your health status. They can only vary premiums based on age (within limits set by the law), what market you live in, and whether you use tobacco.”

You and your spouse also may qualify for subsidies to help with your insurance premiums, depending on your household income.