The federal debt has a lot of people concerned. Sharing that concern is the AICPA board of directors. The AICPA has long been known for its commitment to fiscal responsibility, and the current federal debt situation is no exception.

The board has issued a resolution urging the government to address the country’s financial crisis, and is stating its support of two non-partisan efforts, the Campaign to Fix the Debt and the Comeback America Initiative. The resolution promotes awareness of the problem and education on “what’s at stake” if the problem is allowed to go unaddressed. The AICPA is sharing the resolution with state CPA societies to help get the message out.

This isn’t a new message for the AICPA, but the organization is now making an expanded effort to reach more people with it.

The organization has also released a video titled “What’s at Stake.” In the video, AICPA chairman Greg Anton describes the government’s current financial situation and offers a non-partisan analysis of the government’s financial statements and what they mean for future sustainability of the nation’s fiscal health.

Anton states, “Fiscally responsible policies must be put in place to ensure a sustainable future for all of us, and more importantly, for the generations of U.S. citizens that follow us.” He says that the AICPA is joining the many voices calling for fiscal accountability. “The CPA profession stands ready to support this effort in any way we can.”