Nobody likes paying taxes, but over 90% of Americans look down on cheating. CPA Practice Advisor recently reported on the results of the IRS Oversight Board’s annual survey, which showed that 94% of those surveyed believe it’s every citizen’s duty to pay their taxes. 

The IRS Oversight Board was created in 1998, and supervises the IRS in administrative, management, and conduct. The board runs a yearly survey, and reports its findings in the IRS Oversight Board Taxpayer Attitude Surveys.

Other interesting findings in this year’s report:

  • Only 61% of respondents think the IRS enforces laws fairly. Younger age groups have a much higher level of trust than do those over the age of 65.
  • Satisfaction with personal interactions with the IRS has dropped to 74%. The drop probably reflects the impact of reduced service as a result of budget cuts.
  • 61% support IRS extra funding to assist taxpayers, and 56% support additional funds to enforce tax laws. 

You can read the full results of the IRS Oversight Board 2014 Taxpayer Attitude Survey