If you’re planning for the changes resulting from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,
you may be trying to think of ways to save money. Mainstreet.com
recently posted an article on their blog offering 5 cost-cutting ideas for small business owners. The ideas are good whether or not you are in a
financial crunch. Here’s a summary.

  1. Barter your services
    Bartering can be an effective way to get what you need even if you
    don’t have the money for it. Exchange services with other service
    providers, or join a bartering organization that offers “trade dollars”
    that you can redeem at other participating businesses.

  2. Buy used
    You can find gently used items on Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon for a
    fraction of the cost of buying them new. Just be sure to check out the
    seller and them item thoroughly.

  3. Go green
    – Offering paperless statements, getting an energy audit, and
    encouraging customers and staff to turn off lights when not in use can
    all add up to cost savings.

  4. Maximize social media
    – Social media can be an effective marketing tool that, when used
    strategically, can generate new business without requiring a financial
    investment. Check out what social channels best make sense to reach your
    target marketing.

  5. Save on supplies
    – Most office supply retailers have rewards programs that offer
    discounts and rewards certificates. You can purchase everything from
    printer paper to batteries at a reduced cost.

no need to spend more money than you need to in order to run your
business. You can save money with just a few small steps.