A lot of people hate bookkeeping, accounting, and anything to do with numbers. But accounting serves three functions that are essential to your business. Accounting helps you to make smart predictions, know how to better allocate resources, and understand how to measure your progress. Think of accounting as an essential business tool that can lead your business to the next level if you take advantage of all it has to offer.

Making Smart Predictions
What kind of cash flow do you need to cover your expenses? When should you hire a new employee? How much inventory should you carry in the upcoming months? Answers to questions like these are necessary to run your business effectively. And accounting can answer them for you. Accounting gives you an accurate picture of future revenue, future costs, and what you’ll need in order to meet the demand for your products or services.

Knowing How to Allocate Resources
As a business owner, you have valuable resources that you must allocate carefully: money, equipment, time, personnel, your own energy. How do you know how much of each goes where? Accounting can show you what you’re currently using in each area, what trends say you’ll need to devote to each area in the following quarter, and what investments are wise.

Measuring Your Progress
Accounting can show your overall financial progress, as well as details like which of your products are selling the best, what services are most profitable, and what employees are most productive. It can help you recognize trends in your business that you can capitalize on. And there’s nothing like seeing your progress in black and white on a report to give you the motivation to keep going.

You don’t have to look at accounting as a necessary evil. You can see it as an invaluable tool to help you reach your goals and take your business where you want it to go.